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The Life-Long Struggle of a Medically Fragile Child + {Free Hospital Packing List}

My baby did not end up in the NICU because he was premature. He ended up in the NICU because he was medically fragile. Though these terms are certainly not mutually exclusive, many preemies–like my other child who was a 34 week feeder/grower–outgrow their immaturity. Most babies born medically fragile face a life-long struggle of medical problems. The struggle is real. The NICU is just the beginning.

My son was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality resulting from a break in genetic material at conception. Shortly after his birth he had trouble eating, breathing, and maintaining his body temperature–things preemies commonly struggle with. He also had brain, heart, and kidney complications. During his NICU days, we waited to see whether or not his fragile body was well-enough equipped to function in this world. He proved his strength and determination to us. His medical problems however, continue to follow him long past the NICU and result in numerous specialist appointments, ER visits, and hospital admissions. [Continue reading]

7 Ways to Thank a NICU Nurse

nicu nurse thank you

Whether you're currently in the NICU, ready to be discharged, or you've been out of the unit for months (or years!), showing appreciation for the NICU nurses who cared for your baby never goes out of style. September 15 is NICU Nurse Appreciation … [Continue reading]

NICU Nurses: We Save Babies

NICU nurse, Katie Cascamo, NICU, prematurity, NICU nurse appreciation day

Neonatal Nurses Day is a celebration of the nurses that care for our babies born premature and babies with complications. The theme for 2017 is special. The theme “We Save Babies” came from the voices of our NICU Nurses at the National Association of … [Continue reading]

Supporting NICU Families in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

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So many families in Southeast Texas have been impacted by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. Thousands evacuated; thousands still stayed. NPR reports that over 100,000 homes have been affected by the storm and resulting flooding. In the days … [Continue reading]

Meet the Professional: What Does a Lactation Consultant Do?

Before your baby was born, you might have dreamed about what your parenting style might be and what it would feel like to hold your little one. You may have already decided your preference on feeding your baby breast milk or formula. Now your baby is … [Continue reading]