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4 Things You Can Do When Someone You Love is in the Hospital

The following is a guest post from a member of our Hand to Hold – NICU Family Voices community. If you have an essay, an experience, or tips you would like to share with our readers, please email leighann@handtohold.org.

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by Natalie Butterworth

This is meant to be helpful for those who have a friend or family member in the hospital. I learned a lot from my own experience and want to share it with others, in the hopes it may be helpful for those who do have to endure a tough time.

It’s impossible to know what someone will need or want until you experience it yourself.


If you have a friend or family member in the hospital, especially if it’s for an extended stay, visit with her. Those hospital days are long and painful. It hurts to be separated from your home, pets and friends or family. Ask if she needs anything. If she says she’s not sure, some suggestions include movies, books, art projects, snacks, toiletries, crosswords, etc. I had a super wonderful visitor who bought a bunch of small trinkets and snacks and wrapped them in wrapping paper. She told me to only open one a day so I would have something to look forward to. I thought this was just the sweetest idea! [Continue reading]

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